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World Congress of Medical Simulation

VII International Congress on Research and Innovation

VIII International and VII National Gender Congress

"Robotic Era"

This event is organized by the Navarra University Foundation - UNINAVARRA through its Research and Innovation Center UNINAVARRA - CIINA and its High Complexity Simulated University Hospital - HUSAC, which will be held in hybrid mode (face-to-face and online) in the city of Neiva (Huila), Colombia, on November 13, 14 and 15, 2024.

The WCMS is projected to be the largest event in the South Colombian region dedicated to simulation technologies in medical care and simulated medical education experiences to improve patient safety, seeking to provide a unique experience of scientific knowledge in the region and the country. The event will feature national and international presentations with interactive question and answer sessions, presentation of live simulated clinical cases, training workshops, exhibition of simulation technologies in medical care and networking opportunities and interaction with people from different parts of the world around the advances in medical simulation, which will show in a practical way the usefulness of simulation for the training of advanced surgical skills mainly in the medical specialties of interventional cardiology, general surgery and neurosurgery.

The International Congress of Research and Innovation is an event for the social appropriation of knowledge and the public dissemination of science, which will include the participation of national and international speakers, as well as the presentation of free papers that will allow the socialization of results and advances in research. This event has positioned itself in the region thanks to the success of its previous versions; in addition, it has shown a continuous growth in the number of attendees, speakers and international lecturers who, through their active and generous participation, have allowed presenting in the south of Colombia current research with worldwide impact.

This year, we have invited experts from the United States, Mexico and Colombia with recognized trajectory and leadership at national and international level.

We invite students, professors, professionals, researchers, institutions and organizations from the education, health and business sectors to participate in this great opportunity.

We look forward to seeing you in Colombia and in Neiva, the bamboo capital of America.


Contribute to the social appropriation of knowledge and public dissemination of science results and advances in scientific research and innovation related to artificial intelligence, healthcare simulation technologies and experiences in simulated medical education to improve patient safety.

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