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World Congress of Medical Simulation
WCMS 2023

"New Frontiers in Scientific Education".

VI International Congress on Research and Innovation

"Artificial Intelligence Scopes."


The Scientific Committee of the World Congress of Medical Simulation - WCMS 2023 "New Frontiers in Medical Education" and the VI International Congress of Research and Innovation "Reaches of Artificial Intelligence" of the University Foundation of Navarra - UNINAVARRA-, thanks you for your interest in participating in this event, where researchers, professors, professionals, students, organizations and the general public are invited to present unpublished papers as a great opportunity to contribute to the social appropriation of knowledge and public dissemination of science. Our focus is directed towards the application of simulation technologies for medical care, successful experiences in simulated medical education, strategies to improve patient safety through simulation, the ethical and professional implications of the use of artificial intelligence, the advances and benefits of the implementation of artificial intelligence and the challenges for higher education associated with the use of artificial intelligence.

Presentation modalities

PosterOral presentation
Presentation of the work with the support of a poster in which relevant information of the research carried out will be presented during the day of the poster session established in the program of the event.
Presentation of the work in the auditorium for no more than 20 minutes with an additional 10 minutes for the question and answer session. Subsequently, the slide template of the event will be sent.


Research papers and/or experiences in simulated medical education must be original (not presented in other congresses or published in indexed journals and prepared by the authors submitting the paper) and have one of the following topics of interest: 

VI Research and Innovation Congress - CIII

  • Artificial intelligence and its applications in higher education
  • Utility of artificial intelligence in professional practice
  • Ethical implications of the use of artificial intelligence
  • Advances in artificial intelligence for knowledge generation
  • Legislation, regulation and control of artificial intelligence.
  • Prospective analysis of the scope of artificial intelligence.
  • Free papers in the areas of Medicine, Nursing, Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging, Law, Business Administration, Environmental Engineering, Industrial Engineering, and University Teaching.

WCMS 2023

  • Collaborative and interdisciplinary learning.
  • Innovation of learning strategies (challenge-based and/or simulation-based learning).
  • Assessment of professional competencies (undergraduate and graduate) and learning outcomes.
  • Creation and development of new simulators, physical, digital, robotic and/or virtual technologies.
  • Integration of simulation-based learning into the curriculum.
  • Advantages of simulation for increasing the quality of medical care and patient safety.
  • Continuing education and training in simulation centers for graduates.
  • Quality in simulation centers.


  1. Fill in the template of the abstract for poster presentation or the short text template for oral presentation following the guidelines therein. The templates are available on the event's web page
  2. Name the file with the name of the author who submitted the paper, followed by a maximum of three of the key words of the paper. Example: Juan Perez-Interdisciplinary Simulation-Emergencies.
  3. Send the template duly filled out through the event's website
  4. The Scientific Committee will send an official written communication by e-mail, with feedback on the document received, if necessary.
  5. Send the required corrections and/or clarifications, within the term granted; after this term it will be understood that the participation is withdrawn.
  6. The Scientific Committee will send an official written communication by e-mail, about the decision on their participation in the event and accepted modality, which will be unappealable. The author will be sent the slide template of the event for oral presentation when applicable.
  7. Make the registration and payment of registration through the event website
  8. Send the Authorization for Publication and Ethical Statement of Postulated Works so that your work can be published in the proceedings of the event with ISSN, which will be available on the event's web page.

Evaluation and selection criteria

  • Clarity in the problem statement
  • Justification and objective of the work
  • Materials and methods
  • Statistical approach
  • Ethical considerations
  • Clarity and completeness of graphs and tables
  • Analysis of the results obtained
  • Conclusions
  • Scope and limitations of the study

Constance of participation and honorable mentions 

One (1) certificate of participation will be awarded to all those who made presentations in the form of a paper or poster at the World Congress of Medical Simulation held from November 15 to 17, 2023.

The scientific committee, following the evaluation criteria, will recognize and award an honorable mention to the best paper and the best poster. 

important dates

October 15, 2023: Deadline for receipt of abstracts and original full papers

October 23, 2023: Communication of abstracts and full papers selection

October 31, 2023: Deadline for registration of oral and poster presentations


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